Guidelines for fitting engineered flooring over a wet underfloor heating system
  1. The underfloor heating system must be commissioned and working for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to acclimatisation of the flooring.
  2. The flooring must be allowed to acclimatise on site for a minimum of 7 days with the underfloor heating on at the desired working temperature. You do not need to acclimatise an engineered floor if it has been delivered in a sealed box. Do not open the box till you are ready to fit.
  3. The surface temperature of the wood floor must never exceed 27°C. This will mean calibrating the underfloor heating system at the manifold prior to acclimatisation of the floor. It is vital to get this calibration right now to prevent future damage to the wooden floor.
  4. For additional protection a surface floor probe must be fitted to prevent the floor temperature exceeding 27°C.
  5. The underfloor heating system must be turned down to the desired installation temperature of 18°C prior to installation.
  6. After the successful installation of the floor the under floor heating system should turned up gradually to the desired working temperature by increments of approx 2°C per day.
  7. Any subsequent increase or decrease in the floor temperature should always be done in increments of 2°C centigrade per day.
  8. At no point should the surface temperature of the wooden floor exceed 27°C and the air relative humidity should always be maintained between 40% and 60%.
  9. Avoid leaving carpets rugs in one area as this can create excessive heat