What’s Special About Our Handcrafted Wax Oiled Floors?

Turgon custom floors are made with great attention to detail, using a range of traditional techniques of hand applied wax oils and stains. Our Natural Earth Range offers a deep lustre finish, while our Classic Earth Range offers a slightly softer tone.
Our wax oil finishes are tough, fully maintainable and easy to clean.
No machine finish can compare to a hand finished floor, and can never produce a finish as durable.

Your Choices in Wood Floor Finishes


Turgon specialises in all kinds of wood finishes, so we can offer both hard wax oil and lacquers, and will always produce a lacquered floor if requested. But if you’re looking for a floor that will stand the test of time, then there’s no choice. Here’s the technical difference:

Copenhagen Airport

Every day approx. 83,000 passengers walk over the wax oiled wooden floors at Copenhagen airport, The first wooden floor made from jatoba was installed at the airport in 1960, and it is in excellent condition today after 60 years of use. The secret ? Simple but regular maintenance. This could never be possible with a lacquered floor.


Waxing wooden floors is a centuries old technique, but is not the same as a modern wax oil which is much easier to apply and maintain. A pure wax will offer a traditional deep rich lustre to your wooden floor, resulting in a beautiful and elegant finish. However, it is not like a professional wax oil which is must more resliant, and the drawback is that it will need regular maintenance in order to keep it looking that way, something that not many people are prepared to do.

Handcrafted Floors Are Green.

Work done by hand takes less energy than using machines, and makes it more environmentally sustainable.

We’re Good for Employment.

Hand-crafted or hand finished floors usually cost a little more, but the benefits far outweigh the extra few pounds. Traditional hand work creates an important contribution to the economy. Employment. Some of our workers have been with us for nearly 20 years, and there is no question their skills are unique and now in great demand. Not necessarily by other companies, but by our own customers who value their skills.

Hand Finished Floors Are Tougher. Fact.

All our floors are finished using wax oils, which are the toughest finishes you can have if maintained properly. (See our Videos relating to wax oils). But it takes more time and more effort, which is why UV oiled and UV lacquered floors have become so popular. They are much easier to do as they are finished by machine, but they can never be maintained.

Hand Finished Floors Give You More Options.

We can do things most other wood floor companies can’t do. Custom floors, pre finished just to your liking, ready for immediate fitting without waiting for drying. We take out the inconvenience for you. If you have something in mind and you would like a fully customised or hand made floor, then just call. We can do it all in house. We offer brushing, heavy or light, antique effect, reclaimed, hand scraped, shrunk, or just silk and smooth. We also make custom floors and custom panels.

Our Hand Finished Floors Are Unique.

Even if you choose a product from one of our standard colours, it will still be unique as it’s been hand finished. Each one of our skilled workers will apply a slightly different pressure when finishing with wax oils, so there will usually be a slight variation.

Keep Our Skills and Traditions Alive.

As technology replaces the skilled workers with machines, it’s important to keep our manual skills alive by hand making and hand finishing, not just in the wood floor industry, but in all industries. It takes an awful lot of training to teach somebody how to finish and treat wood, and a lot of time and attention to detail to make sure your floor is finished to perfection. Who knows, maybe one day the world may just revert back to traditional skills and it will be technology that is under threat. We hope you love your hand finished wooden floor, and hope it stays forever in your home.