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Time Worn Wooden Flooring

As they age, wooden floors will become worn and different dents will appear on the surface. But that is a slow process and it would take years to see that appearance on our wooden flooring. Our production team will make this look possible on a new purchased wooden floor. Using a hand scraping and sculpting process on the edges and surface of the planks we will be able to create the naturally worn and aged effect.

Having our own team of skilled cabinet makers and their experience in craftsmanship has allowed us to offer the service of wood structure finishing. We are able to create special finished wooden flooring that will appear aged or reclaimed. These creations are made by using traditional hand tools and methods without any heavy machinery. This process will make each plank or panel look very unique and it will have an individual feel as they will be each going through the process of aging and structuring.Below is a list of the available special finishes. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our bespoke services.

Ageing & distressing | Reproduction Antique | Deep Brushing Hand Scraping | Reproduction Reclaimed | Colour Manipulation.